Floorplanner updates
Floorplanner updates

Custom text labels for items, walls and more

It is now possible to add a custom text label to any item, wall, door or window. This label gives you a way to add relevant data to a specific element. These labels can be shown or hidden per individual item.

Besides keeping your notes better organised when you are moving items in your plan, this can be really useful for making an office plan with names attached to each desk or a seating plan for a dinner or event.

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Logo + link for real products

We have updated over 30.000 products in our library with a logo of the retailer and a link to the webpage where you can find more information about that particular item or even buy it.


Sidebar update

The sidebar, that appears when you click on an item, wall or any other element in your plan has been changed a bit. All the relevant settings of an element can be found in the settings sidebar. These changes provide room for some new functionalities without further cluttering the interface.

Tip for powerusers: Double clicking on an element in your plan gives you quick access to the settings sidebar.

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Choose default avatar

You can now easily choose one of the floorplanner avatars for your account.

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Surfaces can now have "thickness"

You can now set a thickness for every surface in your plan. This allows you to create all kinds of architectural elements like hanging floors, columns, raised terraces or even sloped roofs.

2021-06-02 14.54.14.gif

Magic layout for outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces can now be automatically decorated using Magic Layout. Basic & Plus users can only use the default "basic outdoor" roomstyle for now (more coming soon) but if you have a PRO account (or higher) you can create your own custom roomstyles to re-use combinations of items and materials for quick layout experiments in any of your projects.

2021-05-31 17.13.30.gif

Organise projects & exports with labels

Floorplanner now has the option to add custom labels to projects. These labels will be automatically applied to any export that is created from that project. This will allow you to organise projects and exports with your own keywords and finding a partial image or design much easier.


New warehouse & garage items





We added a bunch of new warehouse, storage and garage items to our library.


New sidebar in dashboard





The dashboard now has a new sidebar on the right side. Here you can find the information you previously could find at the bottom of the dashboard page.


Rounded openings & window frames





3 new rounded window openings have been added to the windows library. All these openings can be scaled to make gothic styled or organically shaped openings. Besides that a set of fitting windowframes have been added to the "Architecture" category in the general library.