New stair handrails & more stair railing options

New stair handrails and more stair railing options are now available in the editor

Stair handrail.jpg

Project presentation

With Presentation, it's easy to quickly create a nice presentation of your project. Start by selecting the cover image and layout style you like the most. After that, add images from the library, select its order & add descriptions. When you have finished selecting the images, you can download a PDF file by clicking on "Generate PDF".

This is a feature available for PRO users and higher. (8).gif

Exploded view in 3D

An exploded view is now possible through 3D settings. This is a good way to present your floor plan, showing all floors slightly separated by distance. (7).gif

Welcome on board!

Setting preferences, choosing your avatar, or even uploading a custom profile image is now possible via the welcome pop-up. This screen can be accessed after creating your account or at any time through the "profile setup" button located on the dashboard.

Frame 10.png

Set default values for view-setting on template

Templates now allow you to set default values for every view-setting found in the editor

create template.png

New symbols added

New symbols have been added to the editor.

new symbols.png

Templates now support the wallThickness and wallOuterThickness settings

It is now possible to set the wallThickness and wallOuterThickness through the templates settings.

Frame 124.png

Duplicate templates & roomstyles

Templates and roomstyles can now be duplicated via the new settings popup

fp update duplicate.png

Multiple floors in 3D

It is now possible to see multiple floors in 3D 🎉 First, go to the top floor and open the 3D view, then activate the "show floors below" option in the 3D settings (6).gif

Rounded archways added

Rounded archways has been added to the editor

ronded archway.png