Floorplanner updates
Floorplanner updates

Styleboard improvements

Some small improvements to our styleboard feature including better support for variants and a more intuitive "skew" function.

2023-02-28 15.23.44.gif

Convert a photo to a floorplanner project with your phone

The latest update of our Floorscanner app (iOS only for now) now also provides the option to make a photo of a floorplan and convert it directly, on your phone, to a full 2D & 3D floorplanner project.

2023-02-27 16.20.12.gif

Skew images in styleboards

We've made a number of small improvements our Styleboard functionality including a way to "skew" images.

2023-01-31 15.56.07.gif

Better 3D dollhouse renders

We have made some adjustments to the default render settings for our 3D dollhouse views. These renders have a more balanced light profile now. This will especially make a difference for rooms and (closet)areas that do not have additional lights.


2023 Pricing update

On behalf of the entire Floorplanner team, we wish you all the best for 2023. As the new year begins, we have made some changes to our pricing. While we have not increased the monthly subscription costs for our PLUS, PRO, TEAM, and other accounts, we have slightly adjusted the amount of credits included in each account as we have raised the price per credit compared to last year. You can find our updated credit pricing on our website

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to improving our platform in many ways in the new year.


Merry Christmas

and a happy new year!

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Improved snapping for "selected walls"

With the "shift" key you can select a multiple walls/rooms to delete, rotate or move as a group. This month we have made a bunch of little improvements to the way this works and how these selections snap to other walls when moving.

2022-12-23 16.07.52.gif

New icons for 2D color-modes

A small but nice little tweak: we've updated the icons for changing the 2D color-mode and the view settings.


Change materials in 3D

You can now change the material or color of items that have multiple variants, directly in 3D.

2022-12-16 14.43.12.gif

Holiday decorations on the fly

It's December and for this month only we have a special Christmas Magic Layout button to decorate your room with just 1 click. 2022-12-07 15.19.53.gif