Openings now extend to multiple walls

We now support openings spanning over multiple wall-segments in 3D.

Fp update new opening.png

Total square meters/footage for each roomtype

It is now possible to see the total square meters/footage for each roomtype in a design, by clicking on "set roomtype".

FP roomtype update.png

Minimap has been moved to the main tab

The minimap is now located at the main tab. This is especially nice because you can now have an overview of a design or floor always visible at the main tab, and have a quick access to the desired room by clicking on the minimap. Also the minimap now show the total square meters/footage of a floor.

FP minimap.gif

Letter spacing added for all text labels

You can now change letter spacing to all text labels in the editor. Use the view settings menu to change letter spacing to room labels, and the sidebar for the general text labels.

FP letter spacing.png

Leica 3D scanner > floorplanner

The latest version of the Leica Cyclone 3DR software used for their 3D scanners now offers a "Scan to plan" feature that exports directly to Floorplanner FML. Image from iOS (55).jpg

Direct editing for custom room name

Customize room names with ease by clicking on the current room name, located at the top left corner. Type in your desired name and then press "enter". (19).gif

Add outline to room labels

You can now add outline to room labels on the view settings menu. (18).gif

Create custom roomstyles

Create your own collection of elements that work with magic layout ✨ This feature is available for PRO subscriptions and higher.

create roomstyle GIF.gif

Updated room properties UI

The room sidebar has been updated with a new user interface. It is now easier to see an overview of the selected room and change its settings.

image 69.png

Change view height

This allows you to hide items & sufaces above a certain height in your 2D floorplan. Especially useful for roof structures or plans with lots of ceiling beams, lights or other higher placed elements in your design obstructing the view of lower placed items. (17).gif