Floorplanner updates
Floorplanner updates

Filter objects by multiple colors





You can now sort objects by multiple colors instead of selecting only one.

Floorplanner filter tems by color.gif

Change a style with 1 click

With the new "restyle" functionality you can simply choose a different style and swap all the elements of a room to this new style without changing their position. Note: With a PRO account you can create your own roomstyles so you can quickly test out ideas with your own set of personal styles.

2021-09-16 17.41.44.gif

View all the exports of a project at once

We added a new button in the project sidebar that shows you all the exports of that particular project in a new page.


New Preview in the Roomwizard

We made some changes to the roomwizard including a new 3D preview that allows you to see test out various configurations and see the effect of different roomstyles before starting your project.

2021-09-09 14.54.31.gif

Improved library

We have made some significant changes to the library. The sidebar is now, by default, quite a bit wider to give more room for the list of objects and also for some additional filters. Finding items from specific Brands is now also easier and you can see beforehand how many objects from a specific retailer are in. Another useful addition is that you can now also filter on color, simply click on one of the 14 main colors in the palette to narrow your search.

2021-08-31 13.30.19.gif

Object variants are now easier to find

The objects in our library that have multiple color variations have an extra button that allows you to quickly see all the variations and replace them for another color with just 1 click.

2021-08-30 16.18.06.gif

Splitting sloped surface edges

This feature may help in drawing sloping surfaces like roofs. While drawing sloped surfaces in 2D it was difficult to find the right height of a point on a sloping edge. We made it so that splitting the point gets the right Z-coordinate automatically, which makes it a bit easier to draw holes for sloping windows and dormers, or making the roof stop at any point you wish.

Splitting sloped surface edges.gif

Easier selecting in 3D

Selecting objects in 3D has become more accurate and the "handlers" to move and rotate an item are also improved. Just as some other small 3D issues that are fixed. 2021-07-27 13.03.26.gif

Improved material sidebar

The way you select and edit materials and colors via the sidebar has been improved. You can now also preview materials before applying them to your floor or wall using the (i) icon.

2021-07-27 12.37.23.gif

New Project popup

When you start a project you will now be shown a new popup window. Here you can provide the project details and also set the desired project level you want to start with.