Delete an export with all images

Choosing “Whole project” export shows every resulting image as a separate export. This update allows you to delete an export with all images.

update whole projects.png

Restore projects

It is now much easier to restore a deleted project. Click on the "restore" icon located on the projects page and select the project you want. (8).gif

Search popup

The search popup is an extra option for you to choose items from our library. Click on "view more" to open the popup and use the labels to find the item you want. (7).gif

Customized 3D tour

3D tours can now have a customized preloader. Add your style via the templates page.

preloader update.png

Invisible surface in 3D

It's now possible to hide a surface in 3D view. Select surface and turn off "visible in 3D".

visible in 3d.png

Transparent surface in 2D

Select surface and set transparency in 2D to "100%" to make it invisible only in 2D. (6).gif

<B> shortcut added to toggle background image on/off

You can now easily toggle background image ON/OFF by using the < B > shortcut


US paper sizes added to the export settings

It is now possible to export your 2D project to PDF in US paper sizes.


3 new languages added

Floorplanner is available in the following 8 languages:

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) new!
  • Italian new!
  • Chinese (simplified) new!
  • Danish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Spanish

Frame 66.png

Select your language from the "Welcome on board" page or by clicking "edit profile" on your Dashboard at any time.

Invisible walls

Invisible walls are now possible by setting the thickness to "0". Use this feature to divide rooms without a wall. (3).gif