Floorplanner updates
Floorplanner updates

More insight in your credit use

A new overview for credit transactions was added to the reports.


Open 3D tours in Oculus VR

There is now a quick way to view a 3D tour on any Oculus VR headset. A new button will direct you to your Meta Oculus account and when you put on your headset you will be able to experience the tour in VR right away. 3dtour-oculus.jpg

Magic layout in Floorscanner

Another cool update to our Floorscanner app: With realtime roomscans it is now possible to get layout proposals with Magic Layout directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: You do need an iPhone Pro (LIDAR only) with iOS 16 installed to make use of our Floorscanner companion app. For those of you who have, the latest version of our app can be installed here

2022-11-30 15.18.21.gif

Color indicators for walls

We've added small indicators that helps you to see if the other side of a wall already has a paint or wallpaper applied without doing an extra click.


Free & realtime roomscans with Floorscanner!

We have integrated the new Apple Roomplan API into the latest version of our Floorscanner app. This means that our basic roomscans will not only be FREE but also realtime. Capturing your room and turn it into a fully editable Floorplanner project now takes under 1 minute! We continue to offer our more advanced scans for more complex floorpans and improved accuracy.

Note: You do need an iPhone Pro (LIDAR enabled only) with iOS 16 installed to make use of our complimentary Floorscanner app. For those of you who have, the latest version of our app can be installed here


Roomstyle indicator in Roomtype menu

If you use custom roomtype-sets you will now have an extra indicator that shows if there is a Roomstyle automatically applied to that roomtype and which one.


Product variants in styleboards

One of the nice features in our new styleboards is that you can choose between different views for the item on your board. This option now also works for products with multiple material variants.

2022-11-26 14.53.45.gif

Better mobile support

We have significantly improved the capabilities of Floorplanner when it is used on a phone or any other small screen device. image.png

New brands in our library

We've added some new brands including one of the leading Dutch furniture retailers: Riviera Maison.


Filter for resizable items

We have added a small but much requested feature to filter the library results for resizable items only.