Interior dimensions can now be turned on

Through the dimension settings menu, it is now possible to turn on the interior dimension info that will be displayed in the design.

image 20.jpg

New language added: French

Floorplanner is available in the following 9 languages:

  • French new!
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Italian new!
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Danish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Spanish

image 19.jpg

New thumbnail overview on dashboard

It is now possible to have an overview of your project through the new thumbnail overview on the dashboard. This update allows you to see thumbnails of all the designs saved in the project and decide which one to open in the editor. (4).gif

Old flash projects are available in the new dashboard

Flash projects are indicated in the new dashboard by a red Flash ribbon on the project thumbnail. You can convert your Flash projects to the new editor by clicking 'Convert to new editor' in the thumbnail menu. Projects not migrated to the new editor before 31st March 2020 at 12:00 CET will be migrated automatically. Read more

image flash.png

Move the origin point of a drawing (pivot)

By pressing "pivot" on the floor menu, you can move your design and select the correct position on the grid. Make sure the point of origin is in the same location for multiple floors, so that the floors are correctly on top of each other. (3).gif

Level 3 projects can now have up to 15 floors

By upgrading the project to Level 3 Presentation, you will be able to build up to 15 floors.

15 floor.png

Frame & door color options

You now have the option to change the color of the frame and door through the editor. When you click on the door, you will see the option to change the colours of the frame and door in the sidebar. (12).gif

Favorites added for PLUS account and higher

Create your own library of favorite items by selecting an object and pressing the star icon located just above it. This feature is available for PLUS account and higher.

Frame 7222.png

Search has been improved using synonyms & word form variants

It’s now easier to search for items in our collection using synonyms and word form variants. This update significantly increases the usability of the search.

Frame 69.png

Copy and paste designs to a different floor

It is now possible to copy and paste designs to a different floor. You can do this easily by selecting items and pressing "ctrl c", opening the other floor and pressing "ctrl v". (10).gif