Floorplanner updates
Floorplanner updates

Project level tweaks

As of today, all 3D exports - 3D floorplans and 3D interior photos - are rendered in photorealistic quality by default! These new 3D renders are now also available up to a massive resolution of 8K. And best of all: it's a lot cheaper and faster than before :-)


About a month ago we made our new render-engine available for testing and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Over the last weeks we continued to improve our render-engine and fixed issues in our product catalogue. We are now happy to announce that from now on all 3D exports are rendered with our new render-engine by default. Need a bit of time to adjust? No worries, the old render-engine is still available via the export menu.

Photorealistic 3D exports were previously only available via Level 4 Projects and were limited to HD quality. With our new render engine we are making photorealistic renders accessible for all projects and are offering much higher export resolutions than before. To make this happen we had to tweak the current functionalities of the project levels a bit.

So what has changed?

Our new render engine gives great new capabilities especially for higher resolutions, that's why we simplified the project levels and renamed them to reflect the max. resolution of these new photorealistic renderings a certain level unlocks. We also made features like 3D tours and Spaceplanner available to ALL paid projects and not only to level 3 or 4 project as it was before. We did this by making these features separate upgrades.

Current level 1,2,3 & 4 projects are automatically renamed to SD lite, SD, HD . 4K & 8K. We have made sure that all current project levels are getting at least the same but also more functionality and export quality for the same price!. See an overview of our new projectlevels here


Report incorrect items or materials

We have added a report feature that allows you to let us know when an item or material is not rendering correct in 3D or has any other issues like missing textures or a wrong scale.


New photorealistic renders!

Today we start testing with our new render-engine. From now on we will offer the option to create photorealistic quality renderings for all project levels. These renders have more realistic lighting which can make the images much more life-life but also means that in a room without windows or lights these render will be much darker than before.

Below a few "old vs new" images:



To test out these new renders you can select one of the new options in the export pop-up. The resolution in which you can render depends on the level of your project. With a level 4 project you can now render up to 4K resolution (instead of HD with the old render engine) which means bigger and sharper images!

In the next couple of weeks we will further be tweaking our new renders to iron out some little bugs, wrong materials and other things that surely will manifest when more renders are being created. Please let us know if you run into any weird issues.

Matterport Conversion

A new tool was added to our Marketplace: Matterport Conversion! Simply upload the link of your Matterport Tour in the "New project" popup and with 2-3 working days you will receive a High resolution Black & white 2D Floorplan image + a fully functional 3D Floorplanner project of that property in your account. This service costs 14 credits per floor (one time fee) and can be enabled via the Marketplace tab in your account settings.

2022-05-31 13.55.18.gif

Roomtype menu

Some small changes to the roomtype sidebar. It now shows more roomtypes at once with less need for scrolling. Note: With a PRO account or higher you can make your own roomtypesets with your own custom naming and color scheme.



Last week we rolled out autosave across our whole platform. From now on you do not have to save your project anymore. The "save" icon in the topbar will show if your design is saved within a few seconds after you made a change. You can simply jump back to one of your previous versions via "design history" if you do not like your last changes. Note: This was kind of a big update so we have been closely monitoring the stats over the past days for unexpected errors. If you experience any issues please let us know.

2022-05-16 14.39.12.gif

Browse brands

A new tab was added to the objects sidebar. This allows you to browse through the collections of various brands that have their furniture in Floorplanner.

2022-05-06 13.43.49.gif

Floorscanner updates

Based on your feedback we made a couple of improvements to our floorscanner app. You can now make your scan offline and send it for processing later when you are on a Wifi connection. Also your first scan is now free of charge, you only pay 2 credits for the Level2 project. Check out the app here (iPhone PRO only for now)


Visual tweaks to our interface

We did a bit of spring cleaning and refreshed the look of many of our interface elements like buttons, texts and icons.


Change material for thresholds

Doors, archways and entryways now have an extra setting that allows you to set the color/material of the threshold in the 3D view.

2022-03-29 14.04.20.gif